Mobile Patrols 

What are mobile security patrols?

If you do not require a static security officer, but still want your site regularly checked by a qualified SIA professional, then a mobile security patrol could be the right option for you.

Mobile security officers visit the premises as frequently as is required by you. This can range from a number of times a day to several times a month, all depending on the customers needs and the type of premises involved.

Weston Group comply with current British Standards 7499:2013 (static site guarding and mobile patrol service)


Mobile security patrols are a flexible, cost-effective option to help keep your business, site or home safe and secure.

Clients who opt for a mobile security patrol might have smaller premises or buildings and offices that have their own CCTV and/or alarms. A mobile security patrol also provides an effective out-of-hours support for a company with a static guard during office hours. Additionally, this suits unoccupied premises, where having a static security guard may not be practical.

Why choose Weston Group?

Weston Group has extensive experience in providing mobile security patrols to a range of businesses and individuals. All of our mobile security officers are fully vetted and highly trained. They are supported by high-tech equipment including lone working devices and vehicle tracking, which ensure that they can deliver a consistently high level of service.

Data from site visits is relayed immediately back to our state-of-the-art control room and action is taken if necessary. The information collected is collated into a daily, weekly and monthly report for each client, allowing you to see exactly what has occurred on your site during the month.

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