Schedule Patrol Systems  

 The Weston SPS online and real time scanning system is a revolutionary guard monitoring system.    

Among other things, this system has the ability to let the customer be informed about the guard's patrols and location at any time.

The evolution in Weston SPS is a combination of a smartphone, individually coded printed waterproof QR codes, and a real-time online service.

You as the client are always informed of the position, situation and actions of the guards. At the same time, our National Control Centre is informed in real time when a guard passes a designated check point.

The guard scans strategically located QR codes using their smartphone (iPhone or Android) during a patrol. Immediately the control room sees this action and the guards position, through a secure web connection.

Weston Scheduled Patrol System (SPS) includes the following features:

  • User-friendly interface-minimal training required

  • Neither hardware infrastructure required or software installation

  • Complete visibility into scanned or missed checkpoints in real-time

  • Weatherproof QR codes

  • Data interoperability, real-time access from any point worldwide

  • Instant SOS with immediate response

  • Instant activities reported and history logged

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